Temporary Workaround for a Stopped Servo?

Oh, the brakes aren’t working on the roller coaster? Don’t worry, I’ve got a temporary workaround that will let you run the ride. No, it’s not a permanent solution, it’s just a temporary fix. What’s the worst that could happen?

Sometimes a temporary workaround is OK, and sometimes it’s a terrible idea. A temporary workaround for a stopped industrial servo motor is like a temporary workaround on an amusement park ride. That is, your quick fix can fly off the rails and cause big problems.

A temporary fix isn’t good enough

It’s easy to rationalize a quick fix workaround. You fully intend to fix the problem properly eventually, but you need to keep your system running right now, right?

You just want a temporary workaround for a stopped servo so you can meet production goals while you figure out how to permanently repair your servo motor.

There are a couple of problems with this idea, however.

  • When you have something that works – even if it only kind of works – you’re less inclined to fix the underlying issue. It’s like when you put a box fan on your servos to keep them cool instead of fixing the air-conditioned cabinet. That’s been your temporary workaround for the last 3 summers (which will end up coming back to bite you, by the way).
  • The other issue is that workaround can cause more harm than good. It can turn a simple repair into a costly nightmare. The quick fix on the roller coaster can cause extra damage, hurt people, and get the park shutdown. A seemingly clever workaround for a stopped servo can do the same thing in a factory.

Fix your servos permanently

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