Technology is a Game Changer

Technology  Рautomation, artificial intelligence, sensors, etc. Рimproves our lives in many ways. It makes work easier and safer for workers. It makes production faster, more consistent, and more profitable for manufacturers. Technology even makes the mundane Рpaying bills, grocery shopping, and tracking phone calls Рeasier and more convenient.

Some would argue that technology doesn’t improve everything, though. Sports purists are adamant that technology and sports are two things that shouldn’t mix. Still, there’s no denying that coaches, scouts, club owners, and fans are already taking advantage of what technology can do for sports.

Technology and sports

There’s almost always some push back from fans, coaches, players, or all of the above any time that a sports organization proposes adding a new form of technology. There are, however, exceptions. We don’t mind artificial intelligence and technology when it comes to selling tickets, making business decisions, training athletes, analyzing statistics, scouting recruits, and establishing a game plan for upcoming opponents. This is just good business.

But when it comes to instant replay, play review, adding sensors, implementing video assisted refereeing, or anything else that could affect the game itself, there are people who reject the use of additional technology. The basis of the argument almost always comes down to, “It will change the game”.

Technology changes the game

When it comes to technology and sports, it’s okay to resist change. Athletic competitions are meant to showcase human ability rather than technological advancements. And while we have the technology to replace the plate umpire in a baseball game with sensors and cameras – and calls would be far more accurate and consistent – this would hurt the sport.

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