Sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainability is a growing trend in our society. We are more aware of how our actions impact our environment, and we’re making more of an effort to reduce that impact. Some are walking to work to lower greenhouse gas emissions, while others are making more of an effort to reduce waste and recycle more at home.

While it’s great that individuals are making efforts to live a more sustainable lifestyle, these singular efforts don’t even cause a blip on the radar. Industry’s affect on the environment is much greater than that of individuals.

According to UN-Water, 70% of industrial waste in developing nations is dumped into the water supply. While countries like the United States have stricter guidelines and regulations when it comes to industry and waste disposal, the fact remains that industry has a tremendous impact on the environment. That’s why sustainable manufacturing is so important.

Sustainable manufacturing is all about minimizing impact. It’s using fewer materials, energy, and resources. This is good for the environment, but it’s also good financially. What are some ways manufacturers can be more environmentally friendly?

Use less packaging. This is an easy way to reduce environmental impact and save on costs. Reduced packaging has been a popular move for many manufacturers in recent years. Using less materials in packaging can often be a simple solution, and is good for everyone involved.

Make sure machinery is running properly and efficiently. A machine that isn’t working like it’s supposed to has to work harder to perform its job. Not only will this lead to unnecessary energy costs, it puts extra strain on the machinery. Extra strain on a machine leads to accelerated wear, which means that it will need to be repaired sooner than it should be.

Instead of replacing your machinery, repair it. This prevents industrial machinery from finding its way into landfills unnecessarily. Many legacy parts still work just fine. There’s no need to upgrade your equipment if everything still runs perfectly well, and factory repairs will ensure that your machinery keeps running like new.