Sterile Packaging and Automation

There are a number of very important advantages that automation brings to the manufacturing and packaging industries. Increased productivity and lower costs are two of the big ones. Being able to get things done faster and more affordably are clearly beneficial for these industries. But there are other advantages that are just as important if not quite as obvious. For example, industrial automation allows for sterile environments.

Humans just aren’t sterile. A cough or a sneeze will certainly contaminate a work space, and while this isn’t a big concern if you’re manufacturing tools or automobiles, it’s a big problem if you’re packaging pharmaceuticals. But the solution isn’t as simple as telling your staff to wash their hands during flu season. Human workers can contaminate a work space even if they are in great health. Hair, dander, skin cells, and dust are just a few of the things that humans can’t help but carry, regardless of health or hygiene.

There are a number of industries, such as medical packaging, that require sterile environments. Since human workers can contaminate sterile work environments, the only solution is industrial automation. Unlike humans, industrial robots don’t grow hair, slough off skin cells, salivate, or do any of the other things that make humans less than ideal for work in sterile factory conditions.

Recent reports project that the sterile medical packaging market will grow significantly over the next few years. The market was at $26.55 billion for 2015, and it’s expected to reach over $35 billion by 2020.  An increasing use of sterile packaging, longer lifespans, more knowledge about healthcare, and a rise in chronic diseases are all contributing to the growth in this market.

Industrial robots will be able to help meet this increased demand. Not only can industrial machinery handle the workload, but they will be able to keep the work environment sterile. If you’re in this market, and your line uses Indramat servos, make sure you’re ready. Contact us for any Indramat repair, replacement, or service needs.