Start With Indramat Cables

It’s sometimes difficult to know where to begin when troubleshooting Indramat errors. System diagnostic messages are one of the great features of Indramat motion control systems. An Indramat error code provides vital diagnostic information, but the exact problems that generate the error code can vary.

An Indramat EcoDrive Error code F219, for example, may be caused by overloading the motor, instability in the velocity loop, or problems in the cable.

Here’s a tip to help you with restoring your Indramat system. Save yourself time, effort, and money, and start by checking the cables first.

Start with the cables

Not all problems, of course, are related to the cables. However, if it’s possible that the cable is the culprit, the cables are the first place you should check when something goes wrong with your Indramat system. Several Indramat error codes can be resolved by replacing defective cables. It’s often one of the first remedial actions for clearing an Indramat error code in the troubleshooting guide.

Beginning with the cables can help minimize downtime and keep your system running.

Indramat motors practically last forever. They’re built to be virtually maintenance free. Cables, however, are a little less robust. Motor cables, feedback cables, encoder cables, etc. are prone to breaks or shorts, or they might just loosen over time.

Check the cable connections, and test the cables to make sure that they are working properly. Look for shorts, ground or earth shorts, and wire breaks.

It’s also a good idea to have extra Indramat cables on hand, so you can restore your system as quickly as possible.

Replacing Indramat cables

Fortunately, replacing the cables is a relatively cheap and easy fix for Indramat systems. Swapping out cables is much easier, and way less expensive, than fixing a defective servo motor.

Switch off the power to the system, and make sure that the power won’t be restored while you’re replacing the cables. Always refer to your product manual to ensure that the cables you’re using agree with your unit. We offer replacement Indramat manuals for our customers.

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