Safety Tips from Indramat to Avoid Factory Accidents

Indramat manuals are brimming with important information. These manuals contain installation instructions, equipment specifications, remedieal actions to clear your Indramat error codes, and much more. If you don’t know where your Indramat manuals are currently located, you should replace them before you need them; we can help with that.

While you probably know that Indramat guides and manuals contain important information about your motion control system, you might not realize that they also contain general safety instructions for electrical drives. Here are a few safety tips from Indramat to avoid factory accidents.

Do not enter machine movement areas

This one is pretty straightforward; do not occupy any space that a machine might move in. All factories should have some type of safeguard in place to keep workers from danger areas: safety rails, light barriers, fences, coverings, etc. All workers should respect theses safety barriers.

Secure barriers

Physical barriers should be strong enough to provide protection in the worst-case scenario. That is to say that fences, rails, etc. should be durable and sturdy enough to hold up under a moving part’s maximum possible momentum.


Emergency stops should be visible and easy to reach. Make sure that E-stops work properly and personnel know where the stops are located and how to use them.

Take measures to prevent accidental startup after an emergency stop. This can be done by isolating the drive power connection with an E-stop circuit or a starting lock-out.

Disable power

Sometimes workers may need to enter a machine movement area to repair machinery or clean equipment. Before entering a machine movement area, make sure that all drives have shut down and disable electrical power.

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Various things can cause dangerous movements with an industrial motion control system: software errors, faulty wiring, defective components, improper use of machinery. Ensuring that your system and all of its parts operate properly is key in maintaining optimal performance in your factory, as well as maintaining a safe work place.

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