Should You Delay Non-Emergency Indramat Repair?

Non-emergency Indramat repair

You need to get immediate support if your Indramat system shuts down. Call 479-422-0390 for all of your emergency Indramat needs. However, there are issues that can affect your motion control system that don’t result in a shutdown. Running your system with a warning message is the equivalent of driving your care around with the check engine light on.

Even though you can keep running your system with warning messages and non-fatal errors, you should resolve any Indramat errors as soon as you notice them.

The irony of priorities

We make decisions throughout the day based on our priorities; this is true even if we aren’t consciously making a decision with priority in mind.

If you prioritize meeting a deadline over your hunger, you work through lunch. If you decide that treating others with courtesy is higher priority than satisfying your own needs, you won’t get into a spat with the driver who cut you off on your morning commute.

We often prioritize things in order of urgency; this is why those non-emergency Indramat errors get put on the back-burner. You have other fires to put out, so why waste time and effort on something that isn’t burning?

But that’s where the misstep occurs.

Those Indramat warnings aren’t causing issues right now, but they almost always become problems in the future. The longer you ignore them, the more expensive they become.

It’s not an emergency…yet

Here’s a classic example of delaying an simple Indramat repair.

Your climate control cabinet no longer works, but your drive still runs. You decide to place a box fan right in front of your cabinet and crank it on high. You figure that you’ll get around to fixing the cooling system at some point, but since it’s working right now, you don’t feel pressed to get it repaired.

This is a big mistake.

Days turn into weeks and you keep putting off your non-emergency Indramat repair. Little do you know that your drive is aging at an accelerated rate because not only is it not being cooled properly, it’s also exposed to moisture and pollution from the factory.

Your drive can age as much as one year for every two weeks it’s running without a fan. Now, what could have been a minor Indramat repair turns into a more expensive drive replacement.

Prioritizing non-emergency Indramat repair

Your main priority with non-fatal Indramat error codes is to make sure that they do not become fatal errors in the future.

If you need repairs done on any Indramat products, do not delay. The severity of a problem can increase exponentially, as can the price of the repair.

The sooner you fix the problem, the better. Call 479-422-0390 for contact us online for Indramat service, troubleshooting, and repair.