Servo Motors on Baking Impossible

Where do you find servo motors? In factories, of course. Most Indramat servos are in factories, printing

They show up in some surprising places. Animatronic dinosaurs, for example, the Eiffel Tower, the Bolshoi Ballet’s heater, and soccer stadiums.

Also, in pastry.

Huh? It’s true, in the new TV show, Baking Impossible.

Baking Impossible

The first episode of Baking Impossible requires the bakineers (baking plus engineers — see what they did there?) to bake sailboats that can sail across 20 feet of water.

“Cake is usually not waterproof,” one of the judges remarked.

The sailing cakes contain servo motors among their ingredients. The servos power the rudders, and also sea serpent wings.

Later episodes include robots that make their way through obstacle courses while protecting cream and jelly desserts and Rube Goldberg devices that serve up pies and cakes.

Is this what servos are for?

The combination of precision and power is what Indramat motion control is known for. Servo motors generally provide a high level of control with their feedback loops and sensors. If you want to make autonomously moving pastry, you’ve got to have a lot of control.

Competitions call for power.

So maybe this is what servos are for.

Your servos

If you use Indramat servo motors, you’re probably not using them for pastry. Unless you use h4em to power pastry-making machines in your industrial bakery. In which case, you can call on us for any Indramat service and support you may need.

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