Servo Motors in Food Sanitation

What’s the most important aspect of food production? We need food to be nutritious and we need food to be tasty. Taste and nutrition are certainly important -people won’t eat food that isn’t either healthy or delicious – but food must be safe to eat. Servo motors play a big role in food sanitation in the food and beverage industry.

What is food sanitation?

Food sanitation is keeping food safe to eat. In other words, preventing spoilage or contamination – whether it’s through bacteria, chemicals, or other contaminants – before and during distribution.

Preventing contamination means controlling environmental factors throughout the entire process of production and distribution. These factors include temperature, packaging, hygiene, cleanliness, storage, and food handling practices.

The biggest threat to food sanitation, however, is people. Workers are the number one cause of food contamination, often because of breaking or ignoring rules or protocol that are in place to keep food safe.

How do servo motors keep food safe?

Machinery must be sanitized. Fully enclosed servos – like those produced by Indramat – are ideal for spray down environments. Spray down environments are the easiest and most convenient to keep clean. You don’t have to worry about caustic chemicals or high pressure water damaging your servos, and you can quickly, and thoroughly, sanitize your machinery.

Reducing the number of people who need to touch or handle food also reduces the opportunity for food contamination. Servo motors allow plant owners to automate processes, which promotes better food safety.

Servo motors keep food safe in the food and beverage industry, and in restaurants, too. Creator built a remarkable burger machine that completely automates the burger making process. Humans load ingredients, but the machine takes the reins from there.

Indramat servo support

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