Russia’s Subaquatic Robots

Robots are popping up everywhere. They’ve been in manufacturing for years, but now automated robots are being put to work in the food industry, security, hotels, and even piloting planes. It turns out that robots are just as well suited to flip your burgers as they are to fly you through the air.

Robotics is booming across the globe, as more countries develop new technologies and applications. People have seen the benefit of automation in manufacturing, and want to apply that same idea to other fields. That’s one of the reasons Russian robots may soon have a new career opportunity in the military.

Russia could soon be equipping their submarines with drones and robots. And it wouldn’t just be some measly robotic window cleaner., Russia wants to add under water reconnaissance drones and “battle robots” to their aquatic arsenal. Russian underwater battle robots sounds like something that rests in the realm between awesome and terrifying.

These robots would be deployed by Russian subs, and left offline, until booted up by remote access, which would be a huge tactical advantage. A sub could drop off their drones or battle bots, sail away to another area, and then fire up their automatons. Apparently these robots could be either disposable or returnable for intelligence.

While the goal is to get this automation technology on subs as soon as possible, it will take some time. The underwater robots and drones are going to be included on the 5th generation U-boats, but they aren’t yet being deployed. Russia is currently issuing their 4th generation submarines, so it will still be some time before the ocean is teeming with Russian robots.

The subs would still be outfitted with traditional weaponry, like torpedoes. Robots aren’t meant to replace the current arsenal, simply to offer possibilities.

Those involved with equipping Russian subs with drones and robots feel that they aren’t doing anything special. The entire world is moving towards more automation and robotic assistance. It only makes sense to apply it to any field that would benefit from the technology, and the military is just one of many fields that would definitely benefit.