Heat-Related Indramat Errors

Heat-Related Indramat Errors

Warm temperatures mean sweet, cold lemonade and stylish sun hats — unless you own an Indramat motion control system. Those who operate Indramat servos know that high temperatures mean it’s time to be high alert. Heat-related Indramat errors are more common during warmer parts of the year, and your servo motors and drives can’t rely on sun hats and lemonade to keep their cool in hot weather.

What causes heat-related Indramat errors?

Overheating is one of the most common causes of Indramat errors; one of the most common reasons for heat-related Indramat errors is a defective cabinet.

Operators know that servos need to be cooled, and it seems logical to help your system dissipate heat by pushing that heat away from your machinery. We know from experience that a common solution to a defective climate control cabinet is propping the cabinet open and cranking a box fan on high.

Not only does this method simply not work, it also sprays dirt into your machinery, which can give you a whole new set of problems. Additionally, it’s not just a matter of keeping your servos cool; it’s keeping your system at a consistent temperature. When warm ambient temperature meets cooler surfaces, you get moisture (think of that cold glass of lemonade sweating on a sunny day). Condensation can build up and drip onto electronics, which can destroy your system.  You need sealed, air-conditioned cabinets.

Repairing a cabinet is cheaper than replacing your entire system.

So why do so many people take the box fan approach? First, it seems like an effective solution; however, in reality this does not adequately cool your system and it can cause additional damage. The second reason is that it seems like a cost-effective solution. Pulling a fan out of the back office, or picking one up for $20 at the local store is more affordable than spending money a professional repair for your cabinet.

Does the cost make you hesitate? We get that. However, you may be mentally comparing the cost of temperature control with the cost of running a fan near the open cabinet. That’s the wrong calculation. Compare the cost of air conditioned, sealed cabinets with the cost of replacing your drive. We’ve seen companies replace a whole row of drives after just 10 years because they have the bad habit of leaving the cabinets open.

While you’re fixing that issue, check the fan on the underside of the drive. Replacing the fan is another cost-effective way to extend the life of your drive. Once the fan fails, your drive’s days are numbered.

The best way to fix heat-related Indramat errors is by preventing them from happening in the first place. We recommend checking the fan twice a month, and proactively replacing the fan every ten years or so. However, if you have a heat-related error on your hands right now, we can help. Call 479-422-0390 for immediate support, or contact us online.