Robots Keep People Safe

Robots, machines, and automated systems make our lives better. Improved efficiency and convenience are a couple of key benefits that everyone can appreciate, but they’re not the most significant. Keeping people safe from harm is arguably the most important advantage of automation.

Factory machines make factories safe

Those who work with industrial motion control systems see how robots keep people safe on a daily basis. Factory machines keep workers safe by removing them from hazardous work environments. Workers are no longer exposed to poor work conditions experienced during the first Industrial Revolution. Even more modern workplace hazards—repetitive motion injuries, muscle strains, and exposure to moving parts—are getting less common thanks to automation.

Of course, your factory machines only improve productivity and keep workers safe if they are working properly; we offer maintenance, service, support, and repair for Indramat systems.

Robots keep people safe during the COVID-19 outbreak

We’re seeing examples of robots keeping people safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well. Doctors are treating patients in hospitals with the aid of mobile robots. One company designed a robot that disinfects hospitals using UV radiation.

There’s another way that robots are helping keep people safe during the coronavirus pandemic that isn’t as direct or obvious.

Many manufacturers and industrial companies are considered “critical industry”. This means that production is still underway during the COVID-19 outbreak, despite any stay at home orders in place. The men and women working tirelessly to ensure that everyone has access the goods that they need to stay safe and slow the spread of the coronavirus are doing their country a great service.

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