Robots and Beer

Robots aren’t sticking to the car plants anymore. Robotics are growing more sophisticated and more versatile every day. Today, nearly any industry can benefit from some type of automation, and the number of industries taking advantage of that fact is growing.

You probably wouldn’t be surprised to find out that there are robots that make bread and robots that make beer. There are huge companies like MillerCoors and Bimbo Bakeries that have to use automated machinery in order to meet their demand. However, you might find it surprising to find out that it’s not just these huge companies that are making use of robots.

Craft beer robots

There is a big craft movement going on in the U.S. Craft beers, artisan breads, basically anything small-scale, is getting a lot of attention right now. When you think of small businesses, you don’t normally think of robots and automation, but maybe you should.

Robots in the workplace are changing. You no longer have to have a boatload of cash and buy a massive and dangerous robot. Robots are becoming more and more affordable, and they can safely interact with humans. In the past, robots in manufacturing were used almost exclusively by big companies. Now, small companies can buy robots and bring the benefits of automation to their business.

There are many benefits of automation. One of the most significant benefits is increased productivity and efficiency. Having robots allows plants to reassign the labor and grow.

A brewery that normally has employees stack beer can get a robot to do that. That means that human workers can focus on the brewing and bottling. Freeing up workers from tedious and time consuming tasks results in higher production, but it can also result in a better product.

While some are looking to use robots just to do the grunt work, others are looking to use robots simply because they are awesome.