Robot Quarterbacks

The NFL has been trying out various kinds of technology for a while. Now they have a new robotic practice buddy, The Seeker, made by Monarc Sport. It’s a modern version of a JUGS machine, a mechanical football throwing and kicking device. The advantage of The Seeker is that it can be programmed to throw different kinds of passes that are closer to the real conditions during football games.

It has a joystick and a dashboard players or coaches can use to control the kind of pass or kick presented. A player can get in just the kind of practice needed without requiring other players to join in.

In the video, one of the cofounders of the company shares the story of a college athlete who couldn’t get enough practice reps to reach his full potential. Automating practice makes a lot of sense. Automation is usually intended to cover dull, dirty, or dangerous work. Football may or may not meet that description, but automating tasks that may not be the best use of workers’ time always makes sense.

The Seeker provides a partner for reps with the ability to focus on the needs of an individual player.

Don’t mix it up with RoboCup

RoboCup is footie — that is, soccer, not American football — played by robots. It’s used for scientific research and to support the field of robotics. Officially called the Robot World Cup Initiative, RoboCup brings together hundreds of competitors, both real and virtual, and thousands of spectators. The competition is among the robot players, but also among the researchers and developers who create the players.

RoboCup includes a variety of competitions, including Junior RoboCup for individuals up to age 20, plus the RoboCup Scientific Symposium.

Motion control matters

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