Rising Demand For Servos and Robots

The demand for industrial robots and servo motors continues to climb… like an over-sized ape on the Empire State building. A recent report examined the global market for industrial robots and servos, and made some predictions on where the market would be in the next few years.

The report took a close look at China’s market. This makes sense considering that China is the world’s largest market for industrial robots and servos, and is projected to remain the largest market at least through 2019.

China’s market, as well as the global market, is predicted to continue growing at an incredible rate. China became the world’s largest market in 2013, and the sales volume for industrial robots increased nearly 60% to 57,000 units the following year. That market is anticipated to reach 182,000 units by 2019.

As you know, servos and automation go hand in hand. Roughly 90% of industrial robots use servo motors. This means that the increasing demand for industrial machinery is driving the development of servos. But as we’ve written before, constantly upgrading to make incremental improvements isn’t always cost-effective.

Many manufacturers are, however, buying new robots and robot servo motors. They are upgrading current machinery or expanding, buying up new servos and industrial machinery to meet demand, and to capitalize on the improving automation technology. Manufacturers are also investing in industrial robots to gear up for the next phase of industry, better known as Industry 4.0, or the Industrial Internet of Things.

While the global market for servos and industrial robots grows, you may be perfectly content with your current Indramat motion control system. Rather than looking to make a new purchase over the next few years, you’re more concerned with making sure that your legacy motor is still running strong. We’re here to make sure that your Indramat drives, controls, and servos motors are still in good working condition. We specialize in all things Indramat, and have the knowledge and experience to handle any of your motion control needs. Contact us, or give us a call today!