Revolutions Don’t Happen Overnight

Waiting with bated breath for the monumental event to spark the next industrial revolution? Eagerly anticipating the arrival of Industry 4.0? Feel like there’s a lot of buzz around Industry 4.0 without proof of revolutionary change?

Revolutions in industry aren’t triggered by a single event.

The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution took place over a span of 60-80 years. It was an implementation of new methods, ideas, and practices that led to a radically different way of manufacturing goods.

The Industrial Revolution looks like an event on a historical timeline, but in reality it was a long and gradually process. Two centuries after the fact, we can recognize the event as a revolutionary change.

Sure, people realized that something big was happening, but it’s only once you see the effects of an event on the grand scale of history that you can truly recognize an event, or sequence of events, as revolutionary.

Automated machinery finding its way into factories, new production methods for iron, and chemical manufacturing all contributed to the change. But there were also political, social, and economic changes that led to what we now know as the Industrial Revolution.

Industry 4.0

Connectivity and data are the focus for Industry 4.0, but there are many other factors contributing to the next industrial revolution. Capabilities of industrial machines, increased automation, and different consumer demands are just a few of the things that will shape Industry 4.0. There are undoubtedly technologies, events, and influencing factors that have yet to surface.

We’re currently in the midst of the next industrial revolution. Revolutionary change in industry doesn’t happen overnight. You can’t simply mark your calendar and wait for Industry 4.0 to “begin”.

You can however plan for the next chapter in manufacturing and industry. You can put the pieces in place to ensure that your factory and your business thrive when “Industry 4.0” is just industry. Optimally functioning machinery is a good place to start. Call us or contact us today for Indramat service, repair, or maintenance!