You never know what the future will hold. That’s why motion control systems can’t be built with all future technologies in mind. Since those technologies don’t even exist at the time a controller or drive is being made, there’s no way to accommodate for them without the aid of some clairvoyant. However, new technologies and devices can be made with older tech and devices in mind.

Retrofitting is the implementation of newer technologies, components, or devices, with older systems. It’s a pretty common practice. Homes fixtures, vehicles, and even Indramat systems can be retrofitted. There are a number of reasons why retrofitting is so common.

A complete overhaul of your entire system can be expensive. Retrofitting allows you to make upgrades without spending a fortune.

Legacy components can be hard to find. People often need to replace a component, but find it difficult to track one down because it’s no longer made. They will instead retrofit their current system with a newer device. While it’s relatively simple to retrofit Indramat components, keep in mind that we have the largest stock of replacement legacy components in the U.S.

People like to stick with what they know. Maybe you don’t want to deal with learning an entire new system, or you are quite partial to certain features that your current system has. On the other hand, you like certain aspects of newer technology. Retrofitting provides you with the best of both worlds.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Let’s say one of your drives gives out, but the rest of the system is working perfectly fine. You want to upgrade to a newer drive, but you don’t want to get an all new system. Why replace your old system with an entirely new one if the drive is the only thing that needs to be replaced, right? Retrofitting allows you to keep working with what you’ve got, and replace devices and components as need be.

Retrofitting Indramat components can also help reduce the risk of failure. We specialize in Indramat support, service, and repair, including retrofitting.