Resolving Indramat Error Code C220

Indramat motion control systems rarely have problems. Ironically, it’s this reliability that can send operators into panic mode when they see error codes pop up. Indramat error code C220 is a fairly common error to see – as far as Indramat error codes go, that is. Here’s what may be causing error code C220, and what you can do to resolve it.

What’s causing the error?

There are a few different things that may be causing Indramat error code C220.

The communication between the motor and the controller may beĀ  disrupted. This is typically a result of a problem with the motor feedback cable. Maybe the cable is defective, or maybe there’s a bad connection. This is the best case scenario with a C220 error code.

Another possible cause is an invalid offset between the high and low dissipating paths. This means that the motor feedback is defective, and there’s a good chance that you must replace – or in many cases repair – your Indramat motor.

The third possible cause for Indramat error code C220 is a defective measurement system interface.

How do I resolve error code C220?

It’s possible that you can get your system running again all by yourself. It could take a lot of trial and error, a lot of time, and the results could be suspect. Of course, you could also put a lot of time and effort into repairing your Indramat system on your own and come up short.

The best way to resolve error codes as quickly as possible – and with confidence in the result – is to give us a call.

We can troubleshoot most error codes directly over the phone, and we have charter flights available when you need on-site support as soon as possible. We also offer factory repair services with 24-hours turnaround. Call 479-422-0390 today.