Should You Repair or Replace Indramat Products?

Imagine that you’re walking through the park on a beautiful autumn day. Bright leaves of crimson and gold pop out against a sky so blue you can taste it. A cool breeze gently guides you to the place you were already going as it coaxes the leaves on the ground into dancing. Everything is wonderful and pleasant.

Then you look down.

You notice that your shoelace is broken. Thunder crashes and gloom descends. Your day is ruined and you throw your shoes away.

Melodrama aside, you wouldn’t replace your shoes if you broke a shoelace so why would you preemptively replace your Indramat machinery? In the same way you repair perfectly good shoes by getting a new shoelace, you can keep using perfectly good machinery by getting a factory repair.

Should you repair or replace Indramat products?

At some point in time you will be faced with the decision to repair or replace your Indramat machinery.

Sure, shoes and servo motors are wildly different, but you can apply the same reasoning when you’re deciding whether or not you should repair or replace them:

  • If something is beyond repair, or if the cost of a repair is almost the same as replacement, you should replace it.
  • However, if repair is a viable option, it is almost always better to repair than to replace.

We all like bright shiny things. However, replacing old machinery with the latest and greatest machinery isn’t always the best option. Factory repairs are going to cost you way less than buying entirely new motors and drives.

In many cases updating one component will actually require upgrading additional components, increasing initial costs and downtime. As we all know, the cost of downtime is exponential.

Repairing machinery is not only better than replacing machinery financially, but also environmentally. When you consider the energy and resources that are required to produce machines — everything from mining, to smelting, to forging, to shipping — there’s a whole lot that goes into getting a new piece of equipment for your factory.

Combine that with the energy and resources required to responsibly remove old equipment from factories, and that environmental costs start to get pretty steep. It’s best to repair equipment that is still fully functional. It’s doing the world (as well as your wallet) a favor.

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How do you decide whether you should repair or replace your Indramat products? When repair is an option, it is almost always better to repair than replace factory machinery.

As Indramat professionals, we can help you determine whether your Indramat machinery is repairable, or if it needs replacement.

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