5 Reasons You Should Choose Indramat Reman

Indramat REMAN and Indramat Repair

You have a few different options if your Indramat servos stop working. You can take the opportunity to upgrade your system; this is your most expensive option. You can look for a new Indramat servo, which can be difficult because Indramat components are no longer produced. Indramat repair is a good, cost-effective choice. In most situations, however, your best option is a remanufacture. Here are five reasons you should choose Indramat reman.

The price is right

You get what you pay for. A temporary fix seems like the most affordable option, but it costs more in the long run. Not only do you have to pay for multiple repairs, but an inadequate repair can damage other parts of your machinery. This leads to additional costs with repairs, and it can even mean prematurely replacing your unit. Reman is the most cost-effective option.

Complete overhaul

Repairs are good, but reman is better. A repair simply fixes the problem, whereas a remanufacture corrects the problem, replaces all wearing parts and components, and updates the equipment to the latest revision. Everything is thoroughly cleaned and tested to the same specs as when the unit first left the factory.

Extra mileage

Indramat reman restores your unit to like-new condition, which greatly increases the lifespan of the component as well as your whole system. The entire machine runs smoother when each part works the way that it should. A longer lifetime for your factory machinery means a bigger ROI. This gives you the luxury of updating your system when it’s convenient for you and financially feasible.


You know you’re in good hands when you send your servo motor, drive, or control to the factory for a remanufacture. While it’s possible to get a good repair from third parties that repair servos and motion control systems, you’re taking a risk. There’s no guarantee that the technician – or handyman as it may be – has ever even worked on an Indramat servo.

Indramat reman is done through Bosch Rexroth – the company that absorbed Indramat – and all repairs and remanufacturing are performed by factor-trained technicians using genuine Indramat parts.

2-year warranty

A unit that undergoes an Indramat reman comes back to you with a new 2-year factory warranty. This is something that a third party or in-house repair simply cannot offer. The speaks more to the quality of the repair than anything else. You rarely have to cash in on an Indramat warranty.

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