Pros & Cons of Keeping Your Legacy Motors

We are Indramat specialists. This means that we focus on legacy motion control systems. Indramat drives, servo motors, and controls are no longer made, but they still run reliably in factories all over the world. You may be trying to decide between sticking with your legacy motors or upgrading. There are benefits to keeping a legacy motor compared with buying a new replacement.

Here’s a look at the pros and cons of keeping your legacy motors.

Pros of keeping your legacy motors

Don’t replace legacy motors just because they’re old. The longer your machinery lasts, the greater the return on your investment.  Get the most out of your motors for as long as they run reliably.

Prematurely replacing your legacy motors for a marginal improvement is a waste of money.

Consumers are growing more concerned with where their goods come from. Sustainability and green practices are more important now than ever.

Think about the environmental impact of ditching your old servo motors for new ones. Even if you deal with your old motors responsibly, the more materials and resources you use, the greater the impact on the environment.

Here are other things to consider.

  • Does upgrading to a new component require you to buy other machines?
  • Will a new component fit in your facility?
  • Will a new component have features you really need?

Cons of keeping your legacy motors

While there are advantages to sticking with a legacy servo motor, you may run into some issues.

Older units may face compatibility issues as technology advances.

You may find that production is limited by legacy motors.

Legacy motors are at a higher risk for causing unscheduled downtime than new motors.

Some legacy systems may be older than the engineers working on them. It can sometimes be difficult to find support for legacy systems.


We provide support, repair, and replacement for Indramat motion control systems. We can keep your legacy motors running smoothly for as long as makes sense for your business. When you’re ready to upgrade your legacy motors give us a call at 479-422-0390.