Preventing Injuries in the Factory

Factories are much safer today than they were in the past. This is due largely to modern laws and regulations focused on worker health and safety, but industrial automation and factory robots also contribute to improved factory safety. Paradoxically, the machinery that has helped keep factory workers safe can also present a risk to worker safety. Here are a few tips to promote a safe work environment, and help prevent injuries in the factory.

Proper training is essential

All personnel should be trained thoroughly and properly. It’s not enough to just train new employees, however. Refreshing longtime factory employees on safety protocol is equally important. It’s easy to fall into bad habits, and employees may violate safety codes without even realizing it.

Enforce safety standards

Knowing safety protocol and following safety protocol are two different things. If you’re lax about safety glasses, work gloves, and footwear, accidents are bound to happen. Enforcing safety standards, and ensuring that employees follow protocol helps prevent factory injuries. Sometimes following protocol seems tedious, redundant, or unnecessary, however, it can help keep everyone in the factory safe.

Ergonomics and overexertion

Sometimes workplace injuries occur as a result of the work itself. Doing the same task for 40 hours a week can quickly lead to repetitive motion injuries. Overexertion injuries from heavy lifting, pushing, pulling, twisting, and other mechanical injuries make up one-third of occupational injuries. Staying in uncomfortable postures, or even just the same position, for extended periods of time, can lead to injuries as well.

Watch your step

Slips, trips, and falls cause one-third of personal injuries in the workplace. They’re also the top reported cause of workers’ compensation claims. Make sure that all walking surfaces are in good condition, and that workers pay attention and keep work spaces organized.

Maintenance is a must

Maybe your machines aren’t running smoothly. This leads to inefficiencies in production and preventable downtime, but it also puts your workers at risk for injury. If you run an Indramat system, we can help make sure that everything is working like it’s supposed to work. Contact us for Indramat maintenance and inspection, or call 479-422-0390 for emergency Indramat service.