Indramat’s Inner Meaning

In 1958, Indramat was founded in Germany. Indra, the Hindu god of rain and thunderstorms, might be the first thing that comes to mind when you see “Indramat” on a component on your factory floor.

Actually, we know from experience that this is not the first thing that comes to most people’s minds when they see “Indramat.” Typically, a machine that has been working just fine since before they were born stops working. They open that cabinet to try to troubleshoot, and for the first time they see the mystical word, “Indramat.”

Their first thought is, “WTF?”

Next, they Google “Indramat” and with any luck they find us. If you are that lucky, call immediately and we will help you. We specialize in Indramat components, and we can fix your problems.

Once they realize this and feel calmer, we think people might start wondering about the Hindu god of rain.

However, Indramat has nothing to do with Indra. Rather, it is an abbreviation for “Gesellschaft zur INDustrialisierung-RAtionalisierung und AutoMATisierung” which means, in English, “Association for Industrialization, Rationalization, and Automation.”

In 1958, industrialization, rationalization, and automation were exciting new goals. NASA had just been formed, passenger jets were just starting to fly people around, and the microchip was developed. Indramat went on to develop a lot of amazing motion control technology, and many of the Indramat components from the 1970s and 1980s are still in service.

Indramat is now called the Electric Drives and Controls Technology Group of Bosch Rexroth. Rexroth was mostly about hydraulics, and they wanted an electrical division, so they bought Indramat and eventually changed the brand to Indradrive. Still reminding us of the god of rain.

We’re Indramat specialists

The Indramat company was folded into Bosch Rexroth and the Indramat name has not been used for some years. However, Indramat motion control systems are still in use in factories and printing operations across the country and around the world. Since they rarely break down, it’s usually a shock to find them.

That also means that your engineers probably don’t have much experience with Indramat components, and you have no idea where your manuals are. Your local handyman probably has no experience with Indramat systems, and we know they don’t have access to parts.

Make your life easier. Call us first when you need Indramat service and support.