Packaging Efficiency

Servo motors and automation have increased the speed of packaging production beyond what people could have imagined even a decade or two in the past. Even so, human decision making continues to be key to efficiency in packaging.

The physical components of your line are just one one of the things you need to think about. While you can increase production speed and efficiency by scheduling regular maintenance to avoid downtime, or even upgrading your machinery, none of that will matter if you’re still make inefficient logistics decisions.

Take a simple example. Imagine that you have a product you want to sell all across North America. You plan on shipping that product throughout the United States, including up to Canada and down to Mexico, plus of course the border states which may require bilingual labeling. There are three different languages that you have to account for. You will need packaging that has English, French, and Spanish.

Now, you’re going to be shipping your product to three different places, so you could make three different packages, one in each language. This involves swapping out packaging , or having different machines running different packaging, and making sure that they all remain separate and go to the right place.

Or, you could print all three languages on a single package, and distribute your product from the same source regardless of location. This is option is more efficient and much easier.

That’s just one simple example of how logistics can affect the efficiency of your plant. Dozens more factors come up every day.

But that’s all up to you. If you need help with the physical components in your plant, that’s where we come in. Whether you need to upgrade your servos, or you need an immediate factory repair, we can help you out. Call us today!