The MKD series of servo motors is Indramat’s most versatile servo motor. It works with any of the digital control drives. You’ll find it in a variety of applications, from printing and packaging to food preparation and machine tools.

If you have trouble with your MDK servo motor, your first step should be to identify the type code. What makes your MKD a MKD071B-061-KP1-KN?

MKD refers to the series of servo motors.

071 specifies the frame size and B following it tells the frame length. 061 is the winding code. Together with the frame length and frame size, this gives the electrical output of the motor.

The next series of letters and numbers tells the motor feedback type, whether the drive shaft has a keyway, and what type of holding brake, if any, the motor has.

Next we learn the location of the output connection. The final N is a placeholder for some design option that might come up in the future. N says there is no special design element.

You can’t just choose a similar servo motor to replace your MKD071B-061-KP1-KN.

If your servo motor is faulty and needs replacement, you must get a replacement of the same model code type.

We have the largest stock of emergency replacement units in the nation. If you need a replacement quickly, we can use a charter plane to transport your motor to you.

Your faulty motor can be repaired as well. Factory repair means you’ll get the original parts — except you’ll get the newest version. All wearing parts will be replaced and your motor will be completely sealed. It will return to you in like-new condition, usually with a new warranty.

Your new part can immediately replace the faulty part. This allows you to get your facility back up and running fast, reducing costly downtime.