Make Sure That Fault Codes Aren’t Your Fault

Indramat faults codes aren’t all that common. This is true as long as your system is installed properly and used correctly. Most faults and errors that occur happen due to circumstances beyond your control: time, natural wear and tear, etc. Sometimes the decisions that you make with your industrial motion control system can invite problems, however. Make sure that your Indramat fault codes aren’t your fault.

All machinery must be installed correctly

All parts of your system must be installed according to manufacturer specifications. This includes the cooling system. Avoid shortcuts and workarounds at all costs.

Don’t trust third party repairs

Indramat manufactured some of the most durable and reliable motion control components ever made. While drives rarely fail, and servos run without issue for decades at a time, you may need to occasionally make repairs.

Indramat never provided original replacement parts to third parties, however. This means that third party Indramat repair is performed using generic parts, salvaged Indramat parts, or whatever they could find. Poor quality repairs are sure to invite Indramat fault codes.

Regular maintenance and inspection

Many error codes can be stopped before they occur, so nip problems in the bud. Your machine might be running fine at the moment, but there may be a silent killer in your servos. Inspection and preventive maintenance can minimize downtime and help avoid unscheduled repairs.

Don’t ignore warning messages

Expect fault codes and fatal errors if you ignore warning messages. Treat warning diagnostic messages as seriously as you would treat a shutdown error.

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