Maintenance Free Servos?

Maintenance free servos sound too good to be true. Is there really a servo that doesn’t require any maintenance? One that you can just install, walk away, and forget about? Well, sort of. Indramat motors are maintenance free servos. So what exactly does that mean?

No maintenance allowed

Indramat motors don’t require maintenance, and you can’t do much when it comes to maintaining Indramat servo motors. Sure, you can keep your servos clean, clean around the servos, and check the diagnostic messages to make sure that everything is working like it should. That’s about it, though.

You can’t perform any maintenance on the moving parts of the motor. You can’t crack open your servo, strip it down, clean it, and reassemble it. If you do find out that something isn’t working, you can’t fix it on your own.

Indramat servos are not meant to be opened and repaired or maintained by the operator. Indramat servos can’t even be fixed or repaired in the field.

So Indramat motors are maintenance free servos in the sense that you can’t do any maintenance on them even if you want to. The good news, however, is that they don’t need the maintenance anyway. Indramat overbuilt their servos, and they work non-stop for decades without a hitch.

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Still, Indramat servos – like all motors – will wear down eventually. You’ll have to replace anything with moving parts at some point. Years of friction and grinding tends to break down a component. That’s just physics.

When you do need to replace or repair your Indramat servos, we can help. We specialize in Indramat motion control systems. We can troubleshoot error codes directly over the phone, arrange a factory repair with 24-hour turnaround, and we have charter flights available when you can’t afford any extra downtime.