How to Find a Replacement DKC Drive

Replacement Indramat DKC Drives

Indramat no longer manufactures new or replacement DKC drives. They don’t manufacture any other Indramat products, for that matter. That’s because Indramat ceased operations in 2001 (the Indramat brand is now owned by Bosch Rexroth). This means that all Indramat products are now considered legacy products.

So what do you do when you need a replacement DKC drive? The most reliable and fastest way to get any replacement Indramat product is to give us a call at 479-422-0390.

Don’t waste time when time is money

Time is the biggest contributing factor in downtime costs; the longer your system is down, the greater the financial burden. This means that you want to restore your system as quickly as possible.

You could browse the internet in hopes of finding a replacement Indramat DKC drive in good working condition. However, that would be a waste of time and a roll of the dice—you might not even find the correct replacement drive because they are no longer made.

Let’s suppose that you do find the right drive, and it even looks like it’s in fairly decent shape. The price is too low to pass up, so you buy the drive on the spot.

Looks can be deceiving.

There’s no way to know the drive’s actual condition until you have it in your hands. If the drive doesn’t work properly—or if it works temporarily and generates error codes in the future—is the seller going to stand behind the product, or are you left to fend for yourself?

You’re on your own when you buy from a typical third party.

The additional downtime that you will experience with an inadequate drive or compatibility problems with your replacement unit far outweigh any perceived savings.

Contact us for a replacement DKC drive

Every manufacturer knows that downtime hemorrhages money. You could scramble to find a cheap part online, assume the risk involved, and deal with the potential fallout in the future.

Or you could simply call us at 479-422-3090.

It can sometimes be difficult to find replacement parts, especially when you’re looking for legacy parts and components. However, we make finding replacement Indramat products easy.

We carry factory refurbished DKC drives, as well as any other Indramat product you may need. We have the nation’s largest supply of emergency replacement units, and we can deliver the parts you need as quickly as you need them.

Sometimes you do not need to replace your unit. There are several error codes that indicate a problem elsewhere in your system rather than a defective unit. Additionally, we offer factor repair and REMAN services for Indramat legacy products.

Give us a call for any of your Indramat service or repair needs.