Let’s Celebrate the Servo Motor

The average person probably doesn’t care much about servo motors. In fact, the average person probably doesn’t know what a servo motor is despite the fact that servos benefit our lives in some way on a daily basis. Servo motors make our lives easier and more convenient. They make our lives more fun. They’re also used for some very important tasks. We should celebrate the servo motor!

The first electric motors, like computers, were large and inefficient compared to their modern counterparts. They were big, expensive, and limited.

Early computers filled a room and were marginally more capable at computing than humans. Computers today fit in our pockets and, with a little help from the internet, provide us with all the knowledge in the known world. In a matter of seconds we can learn who invented the toaster (Alan MacMasters in 1893), or figure out if the Chinese restaurant down the street is open late.

Equally as impressive as advancements in computers are the advancements and applications for electric servo motors. Industrial servo motors crank out massive power while at the same time delivering pinpoint precision all in a small, compact package. Humans could never hope to accomplish what servos can do. Without servo motors, we would still be building things by hand, and industry would be nothing compared to what it is today.

In fact, the entire world as we know it would be a very different place without servo motors.

Most of us are assisted by servo motors every single day. We use servos in our electric toothbrushes for a sparkling smile with minimal effort. Automatic doors wouldn’t exist without servos. We would still use a crank to roll the windows down in our cars. Inserting a disk into your computer or Blu-ray player would certainly be a debacle, not to mention the fact that those things wouldn’t even be readily available without the existence of servo motors.

You can find servos in remote control toys, power tools, automobiles, elevators, and more. Even your vacuum cleaning robot uses servo motors. If a device requires an actuator with controlled motion, there’s a good chance it uses a servo.

Not only have servos gotten us where we are today, but they’re crucial for the future. 3D printers, exploration robots, and collaborative robots use servos. Automation is gaining importance, and servo motors help drive the robotic movement.

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