Is It a Jammed Servo?

Your servo motor just stopped working. You think that it could be jammed, but how do you know for sure? It turns out that determining whether you have a jammed servo is easy with Indramat motion control systems. Here’s how to tell and what to do if your servo is jammed.

Check the connections

A motor that won’t spin isn’t necessarily jammed. Sometimes motor connections are loose or open, which can cause troubles with your servo motor.

Check the load

Another troubleshooting tip for a servo that won’t work is to check the load. If the load is too heavy, your servo won’t be able to function properly. Check the load and reduce weight as necessary.

Check the bearings

Worn bearings can prevent servos from working properly. Indramat servos have lifetime lubricated bearings, so this isn’t a common problem for Indramat systems. Still, if your servo isn’t working, check the bearings to see if they are worn.

Check the voltage

It could be a jammed servo, or it could be that the voltage is too low. Undervoltage will prevent a servo from turning the way it’s supposed to.

Check for a jammed servo

Servos can jam from time to time. Dirt, debris, gunk, and other foreign objects can jam a servo, preventing it from turning. This is especially common if you’re prone to cooling your servos with box fans.

Fortunately, you don’t have to guess at what’s affecting your servos. Your Indramat drive will tell you what the problem is, and you will know if you’re dealing with a jammed servo. Check for a jam or blockage if you see an F228 Excessive Deviation error.

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