It’s Not Always About the Horsepower

There’s a popular idea that bigger is better. If you’re given the option between two cars — one boasts a 400 horsepower engine and the other offers 160 horsepower — you’re supposed to want the car with the bigger engine. What beats raw power, right?

Well, there might be times that you want a 400 horsepower engine — if you’re into illegal street racing, for example — but do you really need all those horses for picking up a loaf of bread at the market? What if you need a fuel-efficient vehicle for your daily commute? What if you need ample cargo space for your family outings?

There are other situations where power isn’t your top priority.

Let’s say that you receive a Sunday paper full of wonderful coupons. You would really like to take advantage of these deals that are being offered, so you decide to cut them out.

Now, if power meant everything, you would go grab a chainsaw and have at the Sunday paper. However, the more appropriate tool for the job is a pair of scissors. Scissors don’t offer the intense cutting power of a chainsaw, but they do provide a more delicate, controlled, and precise way of cutting.

The takeaway here is that pure power isn’t always the best solution.

This rule applies to more than just cars and coupons. It applies to practically anything that uses tools or instruments, including industrial machinery in manufacturing.

There is a correct tool for every job. It’s easy to get caught thinking that your system needs the most powerful motor available, but really you need the motor that’s best suited for the work that needs to be done.

There are a variety of Indramat motors for a variety applications.

There are many different types of Indramat motors, and while they are all quite versatile, they each have their own ideal applications.

For example, MSK motors are just solid, all-around workhorses. Then you have the chameleon-like MDD motors that come in nince different rotor diameters.

Just remember that bigger doesn’t always mean better; there’s always the right tool for the job. That’s why people don’t use leaf blowers to dry their hair.

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