Is My Servo Motor Broken?

Your Indramat system generates an error code and your servo motor stops working. This is a frustrating experience regardless of why your servos shutdown: downtime costs your business money, after all. Restoring your motion control system as quickly as possible is key in minimizing the cost of downtime. It may be tempting to buy the first replacement servo for your Indramat system that you can find, but this is a potential misstep. An error code doesn’t necessarily indicate a defective servo motor.

What do Indramat error codes mean?

Indramat motion control systems constantly provide diagnostic messages. These messages do not always mean that there’s a problem. Diagnostic messages simply tell you the operational status of your system. Most of the time, your system displays a diagnostic message indicating that everything is fine.

Sometimes there will be a problem, however. Fault codes and Indramat error codes are types of diagnostic message that indicate a problem with some part of your system. There’s a wide range of faults and errors, and each of these errors can have several possible causes.

Referencing your Indramat troubleshooting guide can help you quickly diagnose and troubleshoot error codes. The possible causes and remedial actions for Indramat error codes are listed in order of likelihood in the troubleshooting guide. A broken servo motor is rarely at the top of the list.

Fixing your Indramat sevos

More often than not, you can clear Indramat error codes with phone support from Indramat specialists. You won’t need to replace your Indramat servos unless you have a serious problem. Whether you need an Indramat factory repair or Indramat REMAN for a broken servo motor, you need troubleshooting support, or you need to buy a replacement servo motor, we can help.

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