Is It Time to Upgrade My Motion Control System?

It’s not always easy knowing when it’s time to upgrade your industrial motion control system. You don’t want to upgrade prematurely, after all. Replacing factory machinery is expensive, and replacing those machines before it’s necessary wastes money, time, and resources. Of course, sticking with an old system that’s holding you back is wasteful as well.

So how do you know if it’s time to upgrade your motion control system?


At some point, software, firmware, and devices from different eras will inevitably face issues with compatibility. If you find yourself running into compatibility issues with your legacy motion control system, it’s time to consider an upgrade.


Does your motion control system still do its job? Does it do that job well? Consider whether your current motion control system is holding you back. Are you still competitive with your competitors? It doesn’t necessarily matter if your competitor has shinier machines. If those machines leave yours in the dust, however, it’s time to upgrade your motion control system.

Old vs. Obsolete

You can still compete in your industry using legacy products. Indramat legacy products are still reliable and effective for many applications. A legacy system may be old, but it’s not necessarily obsolete.


Downtime is normal. Excessive, unscheduled downtime due to maintenance or repair, however, is a good reason to think about upgrading your system. Indramat motion control systems are incredibly reliable, but they aren’t permanent. If your machinery is no longer reliable, it’s time to upgrade your system.


How easy is it to get support for your motion control system? Is it easy to find replacement parts? Support is a big issue with many legacy systems, however, this is not the case with Indramat motion control systems. We provide a full range of services for Indramat motion control systems including repair, maintenance, preventative inspection, and replacement Indramat parts.

We can keep your Indramat motion control system running as long for as long as you need it to run. Call us for repair, service, or maintenance for your Indramat system until you’re ready to upgrade your motion control system.