Is It Time to Replace Your Legacy System?

Legacy systems get a bad rap. People have this idea that a product is inferior and in need of replacement simply because it’s old and no longer made. However, many legacy products can still meet the needs of today’s manufacturers. Indramat legacy systems, for example, still run reliably despite the fact that Indramat closed its doors at the turn of the century. Indramat made some of the finest motion control systems in their heyday, and Indramat legacy products still hold their own today. Of course, even the best machinery needs to be replaced over time. Here are three questions to ask yourself to help you decide if it’s time to replace your legacy system.

Is your legacy system is obsolete?

There’s a big difference between old and obsolete. You don’t have to replace something just because it’s no longer shiny and new. Legacy products are not automatically obsolete. Consider whether or not your current system’s performance meets your standards. If your legacy motion control system is holding you back and you can’t hang with the competition, however, it could be time to replace your legacy system.

Is your system still reliable?

It’s good to have a repair-first mentality, but you can only stretch the lifetime of a motion control system so far. Repairing your motion control system can save money and increase the return on your initial investment. Factory repair of Indramat machinery gives you like-new results, usually with a new warranty. However, it may be that your legacy parts are no longer the best choice for your situation. If you’re facing workarounds or incompatibility with other parts of your system, it may be time to upgrade.

Can you still get support for your legacy system?

Many legacy systems are no longer supported. This means that it can be difficult to find service or repairs, and when something goes wrong you’re on your own. This may be the best reason to upgrade from your current legacy system. However, this isn’t the case with Indramat legacy products. We provide support, maintenance, and repair for all Indramat products. Call us today for any of your Indramat service needs!