Is It Time to Replace Your Indramat MKD Motor?

Indramat MKD motor

MKD motors are some of the most popular servos that Indramat ever made. These motors run reliably for years with practically no maintenance, but you may eventually have problems with your Indramat MKD motor. Faults and errors don’t always require unit replacement, however. Make sure that it’s actually time to replace your motor before buying a replacement servo.

There’s a lot to love about MKD

Indramat designed these servomotors with performance, reliability, and convenience in mind. Here are just a few of the advantages that made MKD motors so popular, and why many are still operating today.

  • MKD motors feature high operational reliability.
  • A brushless design and lifetime lubricated bearings allow maintenance-free operation.
  • A fully enclosed motor adds extra protection from moisture and pollution, and it allows installation in nearly all environments.
  • Temperature monitoring and excellent heat dissipation protect against overloading the motor.
  • MKD motors have a high torque to inertia mass, which makes them highly dynamic.
  • Electronic commutation allows these motors to operate across a wide speed range, and also allows continuous start-stop operation with high repeat frequencies.
  • Indramat MKD motors can be installed in any position, and they attach easily to the machine.
  • Modular design means quick and easy swapping when your unit needs replacement or repair.

Replacing your Indramat MKD motor

There are a couple of common mistakes that people make when it comes to replacing Indramat servos.

  1. You order a replacement MKD motor, but your current motor is not defective.
  2. Your motor is defective, but it it repairable.

Your system shuts down, and you see that it’s a servo motor error code. Naturally, you assume that your motor failed. However, Indramat servo errors don’t always indicate that your motor is defective. Incorrect position, bad cables, or incorrect parameters may be at fault.

Maybe your motor really is to blame. This doesn’t mean that your motor need replacement, though. Indramat had the highest standard for quality, and their servos are built to last. In most cases, a repair can restore your motor. Prematurely replacing your MKD motor wastes money.

Think repair before replacement

Consider a factory repair for your Indramat MKD motor. An Indramat factory repair or a REMAN usually provides several years of additional use from your servo motors. This maximizes the lifespan of your motor as well as the return on your investment.

Factory repairs offer a one-year factory warranty, and Indramat REMAN offers a two-year warranty. Call 479-422-0390 — or contact us online — for Indramat service, support, repair, or replacement.