Is It Possible to Fix an Indramat Servo Yourself?

Is it possible to cut down a tree with a pocket knife? Sure, it’s possible, but it’s not practical. It requires a lot of work, there’s going to be a lot of trial and error, it’s entirely inefficient, and there’s a much easier way to go about it. There’s also the risk that you could waste a lot of time and effort and come up short in the end. The same is true for Indramat servo motor repair; you might be able fix an Indramat servo yourself, but the chance of failure is high, and there is a safer, easier way to fix your problem. Call professionals who specialize in Indramat repair.

The problem with trying to fix an Indramat servo yourself

Indramat servos aren’t intended to be serviced in the field. You can’t just pop your servos open and start having a crack at them. You need specialized equipment to perform a proper repair.

Indramat never authorized third party repair houses. Bosch Rexroth, the company that owns the Indramat name today, does not authorize third party repair. They also do not provide authentic parts to third parties. This is why Indramat’s reputation for quality remains intact.

You could make the problem worse. What could be an easy repair for a trained Indramat specialist may lead to irreversible damage and the need for a replacement.

Even if you can ultimately repair your Indramat servos yourself, trained professionals can perform the repair faster and more efficiently. Downtime costs are typically the biggest expense when your Indramat servos stop working.

If you don’t already know how to fix an Indramat servo motor, you’re better off leaving it to the professionals.

A factory repair or Indramat REMAN are your best options for Indramat servo repair.

We can troubleshoot most Indramat errors via phone support. Many errors result from simple fixes elsewhere in the system rather than servo motor failure. However, we can arrange a factory repair or Indramat REMAN when your motor is the problem. We offer Indramat factory repair services with 24-hour turnaround. Call 479-422-0390 for immediate support.