Is Indramat REMAN as Good as New?

Indramat REMAN MKD motor

The first thing you should do if your Indramat motion control system stops working is call 479-422-0390. We are Indramat professionals that can quickly diagnose and troubleshoot your error codes. We can clear most errors through phone support. However, a defective drive, motor, or control requires a repair or a replacement. It may seem as though a new Indramat motor is the best option, but Indramat REMAN is typically better than a new replacement unit.

The challenge of finding reliable legacy products

One of the reasons that Indramat REMAN is your best option is because Indramat no longer manufactures drives, servos, and controls. In fact, Indramat doesn’t even exist as a company anymore.

Bosch Rexroth now owns the Indramat name, but they don’t manufacture new Indramat parts. Every servo, drive, or control wearing the Indramat stamp was built before 2001; they are legacy products.

This is important information when someone is trying to sell you a “new” Indramat motor. There’s a big difference in buying something 20 years ago when it was new and buying something that was new 20 years ago.

There’s no telling what you’re getting if you find someone selling new Indramat products. Has that servo been sitting in a climate controlled cabinet, free of dust, humidity, and fluctuating temperatures, for the past 20 years? Probably not. Did someone find it in a forgotten storage unit, discover it in a dusty bin, or buy it off a truck? Quite possibly.

The point is that there’s no telling how that “new” Indramat motor, servo, or drive was stored or what it’s been through over the years. You must operate and store Indramat products in a controlled environment — without moisture, pollution, and within a specific temperature range.

Indramat REMAN offers a reliable way to revitalize your Indramat products

Indramat REMAN ensures that your unit operates at its highest potential. Your unit is rebuilt and restored to like new condition.

Indramat REMAN provides:

  • thorough cleaning of all components
  • replacement with original spare parts
  • replacement of moving parts
    • including bearings
    • transducers
    • sensors
    • encoders
    • contactors
    • relays
    • brakes
    • fans
    • switches
    • battery packs
    • flanges
    • power semiconductors
  • tests the unit to manufacturer specifications

A remanufacture also updates the unit to the latest technical revision. If you installed your servos three or four decades ago, you could be looking at an upgrade. Indramat REMAN provides your unit with a new two-year warranty.

We offer Indramat factory repair and Indramat REMAN services, troubleshooting support, and we have refurbished Indramat units for sale. Contact us online or call 479-422-0390 for immediate support.