IOT Like a Bosch

There’s beginning to be talk of the manufacturing metaverse.

What’s a metaverse? Industry Week offered “persistent and continuous user experiences with a strong sense of presence.” That sounds pretty good.

Ubiquitous computing that produces a seamless experience of digital and IRL experiences in the context of manufacturing — and of life. Using AI and VR, a variety of machine languages and devices depending on the experience of the human beings involved, new IOT communication technologies, and big data to put together a single satisfying digital/physical world…what’s not to like?

Seeking Alpha calls it “bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds.” That sounds good, too. Forbes turns it around, though, pointing out that discussions about the metaverse tend to focus on entertainment, but that manufacturing in many ways has been ahead of the metaverse curve for years.

Like a Bosch

Rexroth, as part of Rexroth Bosch, has been using a different term. It’s not the manufacturing metaverse, it’s manufacturing #LikeaBosch.

It’s an important part of Living Like a Bosch.

Using high tech at home and at work…like a Bosch.

Next coffee break, check out the series at YouTube.

We think you’ll be ready.