Industrial Feeders

Indramat servos are used for plenty of different tasks, but one that’s interested us lately is metal feeding. Feeders often use Indramat servomotors.

Press feeders push and pull sheets of metal up to six feet or more wide, often from coils of sheet metal, up to where they can be stamped and cut and crimped to make things like major appliances.

This task requires a combination of strength and precision. That’s exactly what Indramat servos are all about.

Strength and precision

Think about the last time you had to maneuver something large and  heavy into a precise space.  Like the time you moved a new sofa into an upstairs apartment or maybe carried that box spring and mattress down the hall and around the corner and through the thicket of furniture to its appointed spot on your bed (between the headboard and footboard, don’t forget, and maybe with a dog helping you).

There’s a reason that feeder companies continue to support Indramat servos for their machinery. Sheet metal has to be uncoiled and held just right, flat and even, before the stamping and cutting and shaping take place.

Indramat turns up in printing presses, too. Paper is made of wood, so even though a sheet of paper is light and thin, a lot of sheets of paper become heavy and inflexible like a tree. You need power to work with it. But of course you want to be able to read the thing you’re printing. You want to be able to fold it into a package or gather the pages and bind them or in some other way manipulate them precisely and still make sure they’re readable.

Strength and precision.

If you work with feeders

If you work with press feeders, or in any of the other industries requiring strength and precision where Indramat servo motors still do their important work, you should have our number in your phone.  We provide service for legacy Indramat servos, drives, and controls.