Indramat’s S1 Button

Are you familiar with the S1 button located on the back of Indramat drives? It’s important that you know how to locate and when to use Indramat’s S1 button.

Indramat’s S1 button is a reset feature.

In the 6-minute movie CTRL Z, the hero discovers that he can apply his keyboard’s CTRL Z function to his life, not just his computer.

The S1 button on Indramat Ecodrive drives is something like that — it resets all the parameters. This is especially useful when it’s time to reconfigure your motion control system, you swap out a component, or you need to clear a fault or error code.

The S1 button does several different things:

  • It’s a reset button for resetting after receiving an error diagnosis.
  • The S1 button initializes the device by activating the basic loader, which resets all the parameters for the firmware.
  • It activates manual mode for bad rate scans — press it for 5 seconds to get into the setting mode.

If you change out your Indramat servo motor, you may get a message like UL or PL which can be resolved by pushing the S1 button. Initial program loading will start, the drive will overwrite its stored parameters, and you’re back to square 1.

Any programming you’ve done, any special customization, will be gone. If you have a backup,  you’ll be smiling. If not… well, you won’t be smiling.

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Sometimes you can’t resolve your Indramat issues by simply hitting the S1 button on the back of your drive.

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