Indramat TDM Drives

Versatility is a trait that suggests competence and intelligence. It’s a trait that people admire and want to possess. A versatile athlete can cover multiple positions and contribute to the game in different ways. A versatile musician can play many styles of music and adapt to play with other musicians. Indramat TDM servo drives are known for versatility; this means that they are suited for a range of motion control applications.

Precision and versatility are the what set Indramat TDM drives apart from other drives out there.

The versatility of Indramat TDM drives

TDM drives were built for low and medium power ranges. However, it’s the personality modules that really makes these drives so versatile.

Personality modules eliminate the need for tuning in the factory, and these plug-and-play modules ensure consistent and accurate tuning for every controller, every time. Indramat motion control systems are still known for this innovative modular design to this day.

Perhaps more impressive than the multifunction capabilities of Indramat TDM drives is their longevity. There are tens of thousands of these drives still running strong after several decades of reliable use.

So not only are these drives versatile enough for anything you through at them, but they’re bruisers to boot.

You can find Indramat TDM drives in the automotive industry, packaging industry, as well as computer numerical control (CNC) machines.

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TDM servo drives are no longer made new; this is discouraging news for anyone who still relies on these drives. However, the good news is that we keep a full stock of exchange units for TDM drives. We have the largest supply of emergency replacement Indramat units in the country.

You may not need to replace your TDM drive, however. Indramat drives rarely fail. More often than not, your drives are repairable. We offer Indramat factory repair services with 24-hour turnaround.

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