Indramat Power Supply Modules

Your Indramat system consists of drives, motors, controls, and the power supply module. Indramat power supply modules are designed specifically for Indramat motion control systems.

The power supply module converts AC voltage into DC voltage for the drive, or drives as the case may be. The power supply also monitors motor feedback, drive current, drive temperature, line voltage, and bleeder resistor load. This allows the module to cut power to the drive if a problem occurs.

A single power supply module can provide power for several different drives as long as the total continuous output of the drives does not exceed the module’s continuous mechanical power.

Indramat made different power supply modules for different applications and power characteristics.

Types of Indramat power supply modules

TVM power supply modules power more than one servo, typically six. This  module powers drives totaling continuous output up to 4.1kW.

There are two different power levels available for the TVD power supply module. The TVD module powers drives with a total continuous output of up to 6kW or 12kW. These modules typically power more than one servo, often 10.

The TVR power supply module  powers main and servo drives totaling continuous mechanical power output up to 12kW. TVR modules provide power for multiple main and servo drives, typically 10.

KDV power supply modules power multiple main and servo drives — typically 10 — up to an overall continuous mechanical power output up to 24kW.

The KVR module powers multiple main and servo drives — typically 10 — up to 24kW continuous mechanical power.

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There’s more than just output to consider when choosing a power supply, however. Be sure that you choose the right power supply based on application, voltage, power level, and compatibility with your drive. We can help make sure that you get the power supply that’s right for your Indramat system. Contact us online, or call 479-422-0390 for immediate assistance.