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Indramat® (now Bosch Rexroth®) was the latest word in industrial motion control in the 20th century. Many Indramat drives and controls and servo motors are still working, decades after they were installed, in factories and printing plants across the United States and Canada.

Some of these Indramat® devices are now in need of support and repair for the first time. Chances are very good that none of your engineers have worked with Indramat® before. The current owners of Indramat® and the newer Indradrive® machinery, Bosch Rexroth®, will not sell parts to third party repair shops, and your local repair shops probably aren’t familiar with this machinery.

We can help.

We specialize in Indramat® motors, drives, and controls. We offer phone support, field support, factory repair and reman, and the largest selection of emergency repair units in the nation.

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✔ We’re Indramat® specialists. Supporting your current and legacy Indramat® technology is all we do.

✔ Factory repair is the only way to ensure a like-new result.

✔ We have emergency replacement units on hand.

✔ 24 hour turnaround on most factory repairs gets you up and running fast.

✔ Air service gets you back on line really fast.

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