Indramat Maintenance — Don’t DIY

Sometimes you should do things on your own rather than buy something or pay for professional services. You can typically save money doing repairs and maintenance yourself. It can be a fun experience, and you can create lasting memories. The normal advantages of a DIY approach don’t apply to Indramat maintenance, however. Unless you know how to do Indramat maintenance correctly, doing your own maintenance can have expensive and time-consuming consequences.

Indramat maintenance doesn’t qualify for DIY

Self-reliance is an admirable quality, and there’s certainly a time and place for the DIY approach. DIY is a great choice for hobbies and home repairs. The table that you built may not be perfect, but you can put up with the imperfections because you made it: it’s special. Maybe you even have a good tale to tell if someone ever notices the slight wobble.

The same isn’t true if your Indramat motion control system isn’t fixed properly. If your engineer notices that something is wrong with your motion control system, you don’t respond with a chuckle, a reminiscing look in your eye, and a, “Ha, well it’s a funny story…” A slight wobble in your servos results in downtime, panic, and frustration. It also means downtime and an expensive repair.

Don’t try to do your own Indramat maintenance if you aren’t specially trained. Here’s why DIY doesn’t cut it for Indramat systems.

  • The warning signs for errors may be missed.
  • Maintenance may be inadequate.
  • Poor quality maintenance results in the need for repairs.
  • Poor quality maintenance results in preventable downtime.
  • Systems that aren’t maintained properly do not run at maximum efficiency.
  • Proper maintenance prevents downtime.

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A well maintained motion control system doesn’t just ensure that your machines run at optimum efficiency. It’s also the best way to prevent unscheduled downtime. Maintenance is a smart investment, and it’s worth doing it right.

Save the DIY gusto for your workshop at home, and leave the Indramat maintenance to the professionals. Call479-422-0390 for immediate support, or contact us online.