Indramat Legacy Drives

Indradrive C

Legacy Indramat drives may sound like a regal and lavish thing, but they’re really kind of annoying. Not the drives themselves, mind you. Indramat made some of the greatest servo drives and motion control products the world has ever seen. It’s the fact that those drives are now legacy drives that causes the annoyance. Legacy products are products that are no longer manufactured. This means that finding a replacement legacy product can sometimes be a nightmare.

The problem with legacy products

Some people assume that legacy products must be obsolete. Why would a manufacturer stop production if a drive still gets the job done, after all? Sometimes a manufacturer stops making a product because the product is inferior, or obsolete. However, there are other reasons why a manufacturer would stop production. Like if that manufacturer no longer exists, for example. Bosch Rexroth absorbed Indramat in 2001. The fact that Indramat servo drives are no longer made is not a reflection of the drive’s capabilities. In fact, many factories around the world still use Indramat legacy drives to this day, and have been doing so for decades.

The real problem with legacy products, like Indramat servo drives, is that they can be difficult to find. Tracking down a replacement legacy drive isn’t a simple matter of ordering a new one from the manufacturer’s website. And finding someone to repair legacy drives can sometimes be just as challenging. Fortunately, there’s an incredibly easy solution to this problem.

The solution to finding Indramat legacy drives

We carry the nation’s largest supply of emergency replacement units for Indramat motion control systems. If you need an Indramat legacy drive, servo motor, or any other Indramat product, give us a call today. We also maintenance repair, and remanufacturing for Indramat products to help you get the most out of your machinery. We can ship a replacement unit directly to your factory , so you can stay up and running in the mean time. Call us at 479-422-0390 for immediate support!