Indramat and Indradrive


When Indramat became part of the Bosch Rexroth family, the brand name was changed to IndraDrive. The acquisition added electric drives and controls to the hydraulic and pneumatic options Rexroth already had.

Matching drives

Some of the legacy drives have a corresponding drive within the current Indradrive stable.

  • Indramat DKS: IndraDrive HCS02 or HCS03
  • Indramat DDS: IndraDrive HMS
  • Indramat DKC: IndraDrive HCS02 or HCS03
  • Indramat RAC: IndraDrive HMV-R
  • Indramat DKR: IndraDrive HMV-R
  • Indramat TDM: IndraDrive HCS02, HCS03 or HMS

You can’t expect to pull out your Indramat DDS, pop in an IndraDrive HMS, and be good to go. Chances are good that making this change will require changes all along the line, and sometimes the costs are significant. But you probably can upgrade when you need to.

We’re Indramat specialists

In the meantime, if you’re not ready to upgrade but you need support for the legacy systems you already have in place, call us. We specialize in Indramat legacy systems.

We can facilitate factory repair or reman for your Indramat units. They’ll come back to you in most cases as good as new, with a new warranty.

We also have the nation’s largest stock of emergency replacement units, for those situation where you don’t have time to wait for repairs.

If you’re ready to upgrade, we can help with that as well. Call us when you need support or service for Indramat or Indradrive components.