Indramat Has Always Been The Best

Quality is making a comeback. There’s a renewed appreciation for craftsmanship. Once, consumers expected things to be well made. Something had to be high quality, otherwise it wouldn’t sell. Ah, you have a shoddy coffee table for sale? No thanks. Oh, that hammer is held together with cheap glue? I think I’ll pass. Then, things changed.

In the 1980s and 1990s, there was a push to make goods as cheap as possible. Manufacturers took production overseas and looked for ways to cut costs at all costs. It started off as paying workers less money. Then, lower quality materials meant lower production costs. Designs to minimize materials also helped drive down the price of goods. Soon, people marveled at how cheap something could be. Ah, you have a shoddy coffee table for sale? Well, you can’t beat a $10 coffee table. Oh, that hammer is held together with cheap glue? I’m willing to take the risk of injury for a $5 hammer.

Now, there’s an increasing willing for consumers to pay more for finely crafted goods. More and more people are prioritizing quality over a super low price tag. It’s almost a push back against poor quality, disposable goods that end up costing more money in the long run. People realized that their stuff kept breaking, and buying the same cheap stuff over and over ends up costing more than buying one well made thing that lasts a lifetime.

Consumers are more mindful today than they’ve been in the past couple of decades. They not only know that you get what you pay for, but they’re more concerned over the impact that goods have on the environment. Buying throw away goods isn’t a good way to go green.

Indramat started making high quality industrial motion control products in 1958, well before the “let’s see how cheap we can make it” mentality took over. They continued making the world’s best motion control products while other people were figuring out which corners they could cut to lower costs. While Indramat products are no longer made legacy Indramat products are still some of the best you can get. That’s why many highly crafted Indramat servos are still running today. Of course, it may be time to give those motors a little TLC. Even the highest quality motion control systems need inspection, maintenance, and repair every once in a while. Call or contact us today for any of your Indramat service needs!