Indramat Error Code F406

Indramat error code F406 isn’t something that you can clear in-house. Clearing this fault code requires professional support from an Indramat specialist. Call 479-422-0390 for emergency Indramat service, support, repair, and troubleshooting.

Some things don’t require extensive training or specialized knowledge. They’re simple fixes. When the batteries need to be changed in your television remote, you grab new batteries and pop them in. If you need to replace a light bulb, you remove the old one and screw in a new bulb. Tightening loose screws and changing air filters are a piece of cake if you’re even the slightest bit handy.

You can’t resolve all of your problems this easily, however.

Unless you have the knowledge and skills, you shouldn’t try to rebuild a motor on your own, or crack open your computer and start fiddling with circuit boards or processors. Some things just require a bit more expertise. An Indramat error code F406 is one of those things.

Indramat error code F406 requires professional support

While there are many Indramat errors that can be cleared with an Indramat troubleshooting guide, there are errors that can’t really be fixed without the help of a professional.

Indramat error F406 is the code for Phase Switching Without Ready Signal.

This means that the SERCOS master module is trying to change phases without receiving the ready message from the drive. This shouldn’t happen.

The F406 error code appears because there is problem in the controller’s SERCOS module; unfortunately, the fix is not as simple as blowing a bit of dust away from a sensor. The only way to clear Indramat error code F406 is by contacting the control system manufacturer.

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