Indramat Error Message F208

Indramat Error F208

You may need to replace components within your motion control system from time to time. That’s one of the advantages of Indramat systems; when you need to upgrade a component or replace a defective unit, Indramat’s modular design makes it a fairly simple process. However, you may encounter a problem when swapping out a part. You could see Indramat error F208, for example.

What does Indramat error F208 mean?

An Indramat F208 error message indicates that the motor type has changed. Seeing this error message shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Unless you have an ornery miscreant running around your factory floor replacing servo motors in the cover of night, you know when you have a new servo motor.

Servo motors are operated by a servo controller. If your motor stores data in the feedback, the controller recognizes the motor type and stores that information. When you change motor types, the controller won’t recognize the new motor.

So the controller does what any good piece of machinery will do when there is a potential problem, and generates the error message to let the operator know that something is wrong.

In most cases, you can fix the issue by hitting the S1 button.

With MDD and MKD motors you can clear the error message and the new motor type will be assumed by the controller.

2AD, ADF, and 1MB motors must have the correct motor-specific parameters entered to get rid of Indramat F208 errors.

I don’t have a new motor type

Let’s say that you see an Indramat F208 error, and you are surprised; you thought that you replaced the old motor with a new Indramat motor of the same type.

Getting an identical motor type can be trickier than you might think.

Look at these three different motor types:

  • MKD112B-058-KG0-BN
  • MKD112B-058-KG0-AN
  • MKD112B-058-KG1-BN

Maybe it’s easy for you to see the differences in these three type codes, but it doesn’t take much imagination to realize that errors can be made when ordering or sending replacement Indramat motors.

The less familiar with Indramat products an individual is, the higher the risk of making a mistake.

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