Indramat Error F236

While Indramat drives rarely fail, you may see Indramat drive errors from time to time. These fault and error codes indicate that there’s a problem somewhere in your system. Any number of things can cause these errors: incorrect parameters, a bad Indramat cable, worn out motor bearings, or a defective drive, just to name a few. Indramat error F236 — Excessive Position Feedback Difference — has several possible causes. Professional Indramat support is the most efficient, and most convenient, way to clear an F236 error.

What causes Indramat Error F236?

F236 is the diagnostic code for Excessive Position Feedback Difference. You see this error code if the difference between position feedback values 1 and 2 exceeds the value allowed by monitoring window feedback 2. Again, there are several possible causes for this error code:

  1. Incorrect parameter — wrong parameter for encoder 2 or for mechanical system between motor shaft and encoder 2
  2. A mechanical problem between the motor shaft and encoder 2 — such as slipping or play in gear.
  3. Bad encoder cable
  4. The maximum input frequency of the encoder interface exceeds permissible range
  5. Encoder 2 isn’t mounted to the driven axis
  6. Absolute encoder reference measure is wrong

Your Indramat troubleshooting guide lists the causes in order of most likely to least likely. Fill out our manual request form to get a new Indramat troubleshooting guide or manual.

Clearing an F236 error code

The troubleshooting guide provides a list of remedial actions for each of the potential causes of an F236 error code. Always start at the top of the list and work your way down when troubleshooting Indramat errors. The guide lists possible causes in descending order of likelihood: check the parameters, adjust the monitoring window feedback, replace defective cables, reduce velocity, deactivate monitoring function, and set the absolute measurement.

It’s especially important to contact an Indramat professional for faults and error codes like F236; going through each possible cause by yourself results in lot of trail and error, and it can waste a lot of time if you’re not familiar with troubleshooting Indramat errors. Down time costs rack up with every minute that your machines are down, and you need a proper repair as quickly as possible.

The cost of downtime almost always outweighs the cost of professional support, or even a professional Indramat repair. Indramat professionals ensure that your system is restored efficiently and correctly. Call 479-422-0390 for emergency phone support, factory repair (we offer factory repair services with 24 hour turnaround), or service for Indramat motion control systems.